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2018-2019 Chinese Curriculum Map Outline

 Quarter 1 Incredible Me: How I express myself and interact with others Quarter 2 How the World Works Quarter 3 Sharing the Planet Quarter 4 How We Organize Ourselves in Place and Time
The nature of the self: body parts; senses; languages and countries; hobbies and habits
Human relationships: families; friends; communities and cultures
Beliefs and values
 Chinese traditional culture and modern life: Chinese festivals and customs; Chinese arts and crafts; Chinese food; Chinese Martial ArtsTransportation: different ways to move; to travel from one place to another
Animals and plants: habitats; food chains
Living environment
Homes and journeys: locations; directions; travelling
Personal histories: growth process
Global issues: climate, environmental protection
Traditional Chinese Civilization


The goal of the QISS Chinese program is to assist students’ progress and interests in the understanding of Chinese culture and language. Students are expected touse Chinese to exchange information and to communicate their ideas. Accordingto the Chinese “entrance” tests, Chinese language classes are divided intothree stages, including beginning (low and high), intermediate (low and high) ,and advanced (low and high).The Chinese teachers’ responsibilities and expectations not only requireteaching the language but also bridging and experiencing Chinese culture andcustoms. There are many exciting and entertaining activities in Chineseclasses, such as teaching Chinese geography, literature, customs, holidays,Chinese minorities, Chinese art crafts, Chinese cooking (making moon-cakes anddumplings, etc), Kung Fu, Chinese calligraphy andso on. We’d like students to engage in the study of various aspects of China.